Greetings and Salutations ya Filthy Animals

This is the post excerpt.


Are you more extra than everyone else you know? Do you want to be eating chocolate in the shower of instead of doing squats? Are you someone who just wants to be understood whilst sitting on a pile of past versions of yourself (credit: Taylor Swift)?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions you’re in the right place. Welcome to the strangely satisfying adventures of the one and only  Fierce Kierce. Here you’ll hear a lot of weird mumbo-jumbo from yours truly.

This blog will be real, raw, dramatic, beautiful, funny, and probably awkward because it’s just an extension of the wonderfully obnoxious person writing it. Why? Because life is one big fat mess and you need someone to laugh at (with).

Here you’ll find advice on LDR’s, being a twenty-something in the workplace, loving Jesus, making mistakes, and whatever else fabulously comes along.

SOOOOO if you want to be virtual friends or want to take pity on an old woman; read this blog.

I’m so happy you’re here rolling your eyes while you read this. ❤

Oh, and BTW you can call me Firecesten.

K MOney




Hey there!

It seems like every time I’m absent from this little blog something EXCITING is happening.

And oh, boy something exciting did happen!


Yes, you read that correctly!

The Sanders or Simply Sanders or whatever you want to call us have decided to call a charming little duplex home. It’s a great little place and we’re enjoying it so far.
As soon as we’re done decorating I will post a duplex tour. This place has become my sanctuary for cooking and plants.
My poor sweet husband had no idea what he signed up for. #plantmom

I have this quiet joy in my heart that grows deeper every day thanks to my love for Jesus. I still suck a majority of the time but then there’s a peacefulness unlike any other I’ve encountered inside me.

I’ve felt it strongly in my heart recently to remind my readers and creepers (you know the whole gang) that I’m not here to judge you. In my opinion, it is not my job to judge you, your lifestyle, your sexuality, your credit score, whatever. You can come here as you’re.

I think a Jesus’ heart is a loving heart.
I think a Jesus’ heart loves thy neighbor.
So, I’m here saying ” Hey girl, I ate ten pizzas too”.

I want this blog to be a loving place where nobody feels less than about anything. My goal is to have a creative space where hearts can find joy, people can laugh, realize we’re all human, and just be ourselves.

If you’re for that GREAT!
If not, just exit out of your browser and move on.

Hey blog, this is tiny space of internet is me.

A fierce mess, a quiet storm, a pathetic fish swimming in seas unknown.
IDK insert your own dramatic sentence here.

I feel like its so important to remind you to be you.
I’ve gone through so many changes in life in the last year and learned more than I ever thought I would. I once received an ominous text saying “you’ve changed”.

Those words used to sting so bad.

Until I realized the changes in my life were GOOD.
I found God in ways I never had, got married, and got rid of piles of anxiety by evolving. Change is good! You will change every day. You will grow, shed baby skin, and branch out.
It’s okay.

I still put my foot in my mouth at least once a day, curse, and think not so nice thoughts.

Only now I just remind myself, the behavior I am exhibiting may not be the person I want people to know me as.

Sometimes I’m a total brat.
Other’s I’m the dreamiest of dreams.
I’m Firece Kirece.
This is my blog.
This is my content.
And it’s bizarre.

A person who really would have loved to star in an episode of Gossip Girl


Newlyweds Part One


  • a recently married person
  • Exhausted individuals attempting to share the same space
  • Two really in love people sharing the same toilet after signing legal documents


Marriage is a lot of things!

Great things, bad things, annoying things, funny things, loving things, etc.. The shiny rings and perfect photos are only the beginning of so many perfect and not perfect things.

You REALLY get to know the other person and he or she REALLY gets to know you.

If you’re like me, a wallflower or person in general whom did not live with anyone before marriage, lemme just say I feel you.


Not only did I overachieve at not living with a man before I was married I also overachieved at not living with any girlfriends before I was married (I am not saying this is life goals).

Yes, you’re correct.

I’m just now learning to share.

giphy 2

I haven’t ever done life with someone the way I am doing life with Zachariah. Weird habits that I hid from the world but privately enjoyed are now exposed. For example, eating chocolate ice cream in bed NOT WITH A SPOON but WITH HOT CHEETOS. I also really like to drench my face with coconut spray and give myself dramatic facials while making fake vlogs of myself.

I know it’s weird.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that while I am clearly a hilarious person I am also very messy.

For the record, I want to say subjectively messy.


Life is so different now.

Zachariah and I are bound by a covenant of God.


That’s some pretty powerful stuff.

We’ve agreed to do life together for better or for worse.


I don’t think either of us realized what marriage was going to be like. I don’t think anyone can prepare you for it either. I read a slew of books (great books) but those books did not prepare me for marriage. I talked with a lot of really credible people with awesome marriages but they didn’t prepare me for marriage.

These books and people had great advice. Advice, I cherish and use daily. It’s just walking a mile in their shoes and my shoes are completely different things. We’re all different. Our spouses are different. The families we come from are different. Everything is different.

Marriage can be hard even for people barely married a month. Being a newlywed is a time for growth and development. Don’t let the petty arguments and only hilarious after the fact fights ruin a good thing.

When two people become one it isn’t seamless. It’s work!

It’s okay to dread the sound of your husband’s alarm clock but secretly enjoy the fact that he wakes up and sometimes makes you waffles.

It’s okay to be salty over whose turn it is to put away the laundry.

You will fight. Embrace it.

You will laugh. Enjoy it.

And for the love of all things holy please do not let anyone else’s opinions of your marriage or your partner overshadow your own! I cannot stress this enough. Unless you’re in a dangerous and unhealthy situation you have no reason to listen to people’s negative assumptions, opinions, and factoids about your union.

Tell them to go suck a fat toe.

I’m serious.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

giphy 3

Being a newlywed is really so much fun! Sure, you’ve got your negative aspects such as not being able to blast 80’s pop music and practice using duct tape as a bra without getting looked at funny from your husband but there’s a lot of good things too.

I really enjoy living with my husband.  I love showering him with love and making him dinner. Being a wife is my jam! It makes my heart sing. I love binge watching Parks and Rec with him while contemplating the best way to save five dollars.

 It’s our thing.

I look forward to seeing him every single day (even if I’m mad at him). It warms my soul to know there is a human who loves me so much that to him I only come second to God.

Oh, my partner, my husband, my human chair (I like to sit on him), my grumpy love cake. I am head over heels for him. I am the biggest fan of our marriage.

I would get a tattoo of it on my face.

Okay, I am not actually getting a tattoo of our marriage on my face but please understand my dramatic reference.

Becoming a wife and not an independent woman who don’t need no man has been weird!

Don’t get it twisted. I am still independent. I am still me. I’m still Fierce, hyper, and oddly eccentric.

But I am also a wife and I’ve pledged my love to a man who I won’t fail.

I am used to sucking it up, bearing the weight of my world, and doing stuff on my own. I am used to doing life my way. Sometimes a choir of angels emerges while the room slowly fills with glitter and I celebrate an achievement. Other times a can of soda has stained my carpet for the millionth time and the dementors from Harry Potter try to suck out my soul.

Only now my husband is there for those moments too.

It’s a pretty sweet deal.


Being a newlywed is new.

Something NEW is always exciting just like it is challenging.

I look forward to celebrating anniversaries and offering my own corny marriage advice one day when being a newlywed is a sweet memory.

I wouldn’t trade my marriage to Zachariah for a micro pig or anything else for that matter.

I love him. I love us.

We’re winning.

And you can too.

Your marriage is what you and your person make it.

Make it wonderful & remember a little salt adds flavor.


All personal images were taken by Taylor Lowe. An incredible photographer with a super cute baby. You can find her on Instagram  @TaylorLowePhotography or by clicking the link below:


#newlyweds #marriage

REUNITED: Fierce Kierce & Her Blog

Oh my gosh.

I have been gone for a hot minute….Or ya know a couple of months.

It’s been a whirlwind! Last time we were all together I had just gotten engaged and now I’M MARRIED. I will do plenty of blog posts in the future about wedding planning, merging families, and all things in between. It was a beautiful and loving time in my life but winding down from the high is so much better than the fix for me.


Taylor Lowe Photography took this photo. TAYONCE (pronounce it like Beyonce) is incredible and so fun to work with!

Wedding planning was so stressful! Life planning is stressful! I was at my wit’s end.

I am sure for some wedding planning is a magical fairytale where glitter clouds around them the same way cinnamon floats around while dusting cinnamon rolls. I, on the other hand, would have hired an entire staff to do everything for me if I could have afforded it (sorry not sorry).

But we can talk about all that another time. For now, let’s just catch up.

Zachariah and I have been all over the last couple of months. We traded plane rides for lazy mornings snuggling and assuring one another we will wake up on time the next day. We officially closed the distance and I couldn’t be happier about it.

For anyone in an LDR hold on. You can do it!

Now our weeks are filled with each other (insert thousands of funny and irritating stories here). Doing life together has been everything I’ve dreamt it would be and more. It’s challenging, rewarding, and funny all the time.

This season of change has been crazy! I cleaned house SO many times with Zachariah and I could probably have my own minimalist organizational show. I spent six wonderful sunny days laying on the beach and sipping Pepsi wishing it was Coke. I shared so many hugs, laughs, and secrets with family and friends. Gosh, we really have just lived the past couple of months and breathed in all the world has to offer.  It has been lovely.

Currently, my beloved and I are hunting for a church home. I’m ecstatic to get back in gear with church lovin. My heart explodes thinking about our next life group and all the joy, worship, and friendship that’ll come with it. Loving Jesus brings so many blessings, like everything I’ve written above, and everything I’ll continue to write below.

I have discovered so many wonderful blogs! I am REALLY ENJOYING reading about the lives of the very talented people who are brave enough to share their worlds on the internet. It so fun to see all the tidbits and perspectives of other people’s lives.

Blogging is so fun. I promise to do so much more of it! I am challenging myself to get back to one post a week. Feel free to yell at me to do it (even if you don’t want to read it).


Here’s some quick facts about the current ME:

I have been loving listening to:

  • Chun Li- Nicki Manaji
  • Drip- Cardi B
  • Pressure- Wretch 32
  • Atlantic City- Bruce Springsteen
  • Sermons- Steven Furtick

I have been reading:

  • Magnolia Table- Joanna Gaines (OBSESSED)
  • 10 Things A Husband Needs From His Wife- Erin Smalley

I am tired of:

  • Not being a millionaire
  • Never completing a healthy diet change
  • Flossing

I am looking forward to:

  • Starting with my personal trainer
  • Reading more blogs
  • Taking a bubble bath
  • Eating ice cream with my husband

I learned:

  • Loving people is better than hating them (even if you don’t like them)
  • Smiling really does make a difference
  • Bundt cakes are more delicious than regular cake
  • I am a FIESTY wife

I am so glad to be back! I am so excited to write more!

Thank you for using your precious eyeballs to read this. It’s real real nice.

Today is FOODIE FRIDAY which means Zachariah and I are eating ice cream while watching crummy episodes of 20/20.

Love, goats, and pasta!

-Fierce Kierce


Greetings fellow humans,

If you know me, you know that my favorite thing around this time of year has always been CHRISTMAS. The lights, the decorations, the wrapping paper, and the magic that always seems to settle right in alongside the snow or obnoxious non-snowing weather. Every year I count down the days, jam to Christmas music, and annoy the heck out of everyone else is not yet in the holiday spirit. It’s my thing. Ugly sweaters, hot cocoa, and mittens are my thing. If I could live in a gingerbread house.. I would. And then something happened this year that outweighed my love for Christmas.

Did you see lightning strike? See snowflakes freeze in midair? A thousand doves flying outside your window or feel the world stop turning? I basically did.

Friday the 8th started out like most Fridays do. I was anxiously awaiting to get off work and start the weekend. Zachariah had flown in and my fabulous job was having their annual Christmas Party. It’s amazing, btw. I was tempted not to go because a couple of days before my family lost one of the most amazing men you’ll ever meet. Despite being sad and downright grumpy Zachariah convinced me to go. We drove downtown and managed to look pretty spiffy thanks to Zachariah’s mom, my aunt Brandie, and Zachariah’s aunt Cherie (Cherie is a hair hero. Call her.)


The venue was amazing! It was filled with the chic happy holiday spirit we all look for. I mean who doesn’t want to go to a glamorous holiday party?! Dinner was amazing (mashed potatoes and carrots are a Godsend).  Before I knew it, we were dancing the night away and I was regretting my Gianni Binni shoes! DISCLAIMER: They’re beautiful shoes-my feet just hurt. Zachariah, as usual, was the exact definition of perfection as we lost ourselves in our own weird world of dancing or in my case not actually hitting the beat but still moving dancing.


It felt like we had been dancing for three hours but it was probably only an hour if that… My feet ached and I wanted to sit down. I kept mentioning and somewhat demanding to Zachariah that we go sit down! He kept saying “No” and refused to let me leave the dance floor. Slowly but surely people started acting strangely. They were clustering alongside the bar instead of dancing. I honestly thought they were making fun of our dancing which did not help my wanting to leave the dance floor situation. There are a trillion other tiny details I’m not going to note but trust me, people, I noticed. I was confused, slightly annoyed (when your feet ache you just aren’t you), and ready to snuggle my boyfriend on one of the comfy couches far away from the dance floor.

Unbeknownst to me Friday the 8th would be the last day that I called Zachariah my boyfriend.

The music stopped playing as Zachariah made his way to the center of the band. He was funny and charming telling the crowd a speech I didn’t know he intended to share. Just a few minutes prior I had jokingly told him he could take over the band and sing whatever he wanted. SO, I ACTUALLY THOUGHT HE WAS DOING JUST THAT.

But I was wrong.

People weren’t making fun of our dancing.

Zachariah wasn’t taking over the band.

He was proposing!


Little did I know his parent’s, my aunt, and him had this planned the whole time. I was so engrossed with Zach’s fine self I didn’t even notice his parents on the balcony right behind us!! My family was even on FaceTime via several wonderful co-workers and I had no idea!

It was a beautiful moment that will forever overshadow Christmasin my heart. Why?Because in that moment the man I love was asking me to be his wife! I, of course, said yes and am still smiling like a school girl about it.

The good Lord must have known something about Zachariah and I way back in high school because somehow after everything we ended up engaged.

And I couldn’t be happier.

So many people made December 8th incredibly special from my wonderful co-workers to my in-laws (yes, that’s right the SANDERS are my in-law’s. Be jealous)! Plus, special thanks to Cherrie for making our hair fresh and to the photographer who took these amazing photos! I don’t have the name of his company yet but as soon as I do will edit this post and give him some photo cred! He’s way talented!

We can’t say thank you enough!

This Christmas I’ll have a FIANCEE! Forget the presents under the tree or the Christmas movies specials. I got something better.

I got Zachariah Sanders forever.



Thanksgiving Thanks

Salutations one and all,

It’s me.

I’m alive and slightly sorry for not posting last week (only slightly).

Tomorrow is December 1st (silently screaming) and Thanksgiving just past. The year has flown by! Holidays are my absolute favorite! Delicious food, gift giving, and obscure amounts of fuzzy socks fill this season for me. How are your hearts not bursting at the thought of Christmas lights and hot coca even though you’re still eating leftover turkey?!

In loving memory of Thanksgiving, I decided to list some things I’m thankful this holiday season and every other season. WARNING: These are not in a specific order. #nosalthere

Family (I consider Zach’s family my family too)


The playlist I made called “BOPS”

The movie theatre

Space Heaters

Sitting on my aunt’s couch watching Hallmark and annoying my cousins



Nasal Spray


Noodles (the kind Grandma makes)

Cardi B

Hot Water


Starbucks Coffee



Car rides with Grandpa

Dinner with my parents





My Thanksgiving was beautiful. I spent it alongside Zachariah and our family. We ate way too much, laughed way too much, and braved the masses to go shopping. Zachariah, his parents, and I formed the most epic Black Friday shopping squad to ever exist. We came, we conquered, and were very disappointed in Yankee Candle.  In mists of all this, I still managed to eat more than any human should ever consume. #ThanksMOM (Just kidding- it’s not my mom’s fault I eat like a rabid beast).

The holidays are so special! Just let yourself feel all warm and fuzzy.

I also watched the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show and immediately started to regret the ten trillion calories I’ve had in the last fourteen days.

I originally planned on making a blog post about frustration today. I was frustrated about a bunch of minor inconveniences and was on the verge of becoming a meme.  I have a lot of organizing to do, lists to make, and a much-needed date with the treadmill. But instead, I felt like being thankful instead of being salty.

Now if only I could maintain that attitude all the time.


In about three hours its DECEMBER.

And it’s the holy grail of holidays, honey..

It’s Jesus’s birthday.

Don’t disrespect him. Wear a Christmas sweater.

Tag me in it.

Sending you love, metaphorical leftovers, and a big ol’ cup of Christmas cheer,


Fierce’ s Fitness

Fitness- such a salty word

I am super good at trolling through Instagram checking out pictures of all the beautiful petite girls doing their thing and hating myself for it. Then when I stare at myself in the mirror after a dramatic shower concert (if you don’t sing in the shower…are you even human?) and feel insecure. I berate myself, my chubby thighs, the weird way my body crinkles when I stand, and a bunch of other weird things I’m sure no one in the world notices but me. I’ve “tried” and failed multiple attempts at working out and eating healthy. I didn’t allow myself to feel as fierce as I usually do because of this (so dumb). No matter what anyone told me good or bad I wasn’t changing my lifestyle.

Then it hit me.

To be the person I strive to be, to wear the clothes I like, to be 100% secure with myself I must work on myself. You’re born a blank canvas and will consistently have to wipe that canvas clean and start again. You’re never too good to work on yourself. Maybe you’re a negative thinker? A quitter? The jealous type? Or maybe you enjoy gossip much more then you should? Or maybe you’re like me and enjoy unhealthy food a lot? We all suffer from these things whether we want to admit it or not. If I’ve said it a million times already I’ll say it a million more YOU’RE HUMAN. In the words of Big Sean “Bounce Back”.

In my own efforts to “bounce back” I’ve started walking six miles at least five times a week, a squat challenge, and utilizing my stand desk at work. If you work in an office like me it’s easy to sit all day and in order to combat that I stand, lift weights while I’m on the phone, and shamelessly do squats while everyone else is at lunch. I still grumble through my workouts and frown at the tiny dimples of cellulite living on my thighs. BUT I feel better knowing I’m doing something to combat the negativity and those horrid little cellulite monsters.

I’ve also changed my diet which aside from adding exercise is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I like comfort food. For a while food was my refuge and that is not healthy! It took a great deal of time for me to suck up my feelings and finally stop having issues with food. I stopped skipping breakfast and started having oatmeal. I replaced all my sugary snacks with healthy snacks like pickles and pistachios. For lunch, I have a Lean Cuisine (Pot Roast is my fav) or soup with some type of nuts or Chex mix if I’m still hungry after. By the time dinner time hits I’m starving and I go home to make grilled chicken and veggies (sometimes rice if I’m feeling frisky). If I’m on the go I have another Lean Cuisine or the healthiest possible option at a restaurant. It’s not easy and most of the time it isn’t super fun but it makes me happy. Every day gets a little bit better.

I want to be healthy for practical reasons and superficial reasons. I want to be the best person I can be for myself and others. I want to live the way the good Lord would want me to which means I consistently have to work at that. So I’m re-inventing myself a little bit. Jesus says “Your body is a temple” so I’m gonna run with that. Watch out, you may see me dowsed in gold glitter at some point.

People including myself sometimes are so afraid to admit negative things about themselves. Don’t be. You have a million good things about you and some bad too. Every bad part of your character is an opportunity to grow. Don’t be afraid to look to God, yourself, and others to help you figure out how to grow as a person. Just because you have bad parts of you doesn’t mean your bad! It means you’re you just as I am me and we both act a fool sometimes. It’s okay, you’re okay, everything’s okay.

You’re all so much more than you know even if you like eating a whole tray of cookies.

Love always,



Jealousy, Jealousy, Jealousy.


If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “I never get jealous” I would be rich! No one wants to admit to being jealous. It isn’t a good look yet everyone adorns it at some point. So, people let’s cut the crap! We all get jealous of something or someone. OWN IT! No, it isn’t a good look. No, it doesn’t make you look confident and well-mannered BUT who cares? You’re human, you’re going to mess up, sin, and repeat. That’s life. Whatever we produce in this life good or bad is ours to deal with. As humans, we’re going to mess up time and time again. It’s all about how you handle it.

I get jealous when I see a beautiful slim woman and wonder what it would be like to be like her. I look at Instagram displaying hundreds of beautiful thin lithe models and I fall into this pit of self-loathing and jealousy. I see people getting to do things that I’ve dreamt of doing, things I so BADLY want to do, and I get jealous. Instead of pretending my sinful disposition doesn’t exist or staying quiet about it I’m going to talk about it.

It’s okay to get jealous! It’s a feeling and feelings are something we can’t control. It’s okay to FEEL a certain way. Don’t ever let someone tell you it’s not. What’s not okay is acting out because of your jealousy (which I’ve done way more than I’d like to admit). Learning to own your emotions and control them is a witch and a half. It’s not easy to recognize when you’re not being rational or when you’re being over the top. Our reactions are key in any situation where we are feeling like we do not have the upper hand.

You’re not a monster for being or feeling jealous. You’re a person, a wonderful, living, breathing, functioning bag of bones. WERK IT SUGAR. You will get jealous time and time again. Learn to control your reactions to whatever set you off, learn the real reasons behind why you’re jealous, to begin with, and cultivate that into something healthy. Knowledge is power in any situation even jealousy driven ones.

I’ve learned that I get jealous of beautiful thin lithe women because I am insecure about my own looks. I could let my emotions fester or I can start being healthy, sprucing myself up, and feeling good. I’ve learned that my jealousy of people achieving, doing, getting, receiving, whatever it is I want is correctable too. Instead of focusing on their gain and my lack I can get up, get focused, and achieve whatever it is I want too.

In life, you should embrace your feelings, good or bad. Take the time to understand the meaning behind the feeling and turn it into something positive. Let your negative emotions turn into fuel to help you achieve good ones. If you wrong someone in the process of feeling jealous apologize, learn from it, and do better.

Oh, my friend, there will be days! Days when you’re jealous, unkind, angry, and downright mean. And guess what? That’s okay. Just do better the next day.

If none of what I said resituates to you at least remember this:

God gave you this life. He saw everything he needed to in you. He loves you. You’re a treasure- love yourself. Whoever you’re where ever you’re the Lord sees in you what you cannot see in yourself. You’re worthy of everything and then some. Relish in that.k2

Love always,